Who we are?

Cantabrian Way is a young company located in Cantabria, north Spain, one of the most beautiful regions in the country. Our aim is to help you to discover this green strip of land located between the sea and the mountains in the most pure and interesting way of doing it: this is on foot or by bike.

Our career profiles as mountain guides, geographers and ambientalists plus the good knowledge of the land where our offered activities take place will allow our customers to carry out the chosen ones in a very enjoyable and safe way. Every one last of these refered activities are covered by an accident insurance and are designed to fulfil the different ages and physical condition of our customers

Any outdoor activity entails risks: changing weather conditions (so common in Cantabria), disorientation, can turn a beautiful day into an unpleasant experience.

Mountain guide and mountain bike instructor. Geography graduate, wide open spaces and outdoor activities lover, specially those ones related to mountain sports.
Environmental Sciences graduate, natural heritage interpreter-guide, spetially related to invertebrates, plants and mushrooms of the cantabrian region. Nature photographer.

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