Reserva del Saja combined route

Palombera pass connects two of the most famous valleys which bests represent the diversity of Cantabria: Saja and Campóo valleys, whose ecosystems still remain well preserved: extensive and lush deciduous forests, green meadows, crystal clear rivers and   good examples of glacial morphology, mainly represented in the high mountain north faces.

Our combined activity program consists of a trekking route plus a mountain bike easy descent. The walking route starts in the top of the Puerto de Palombera (1260 m) to   gradually reach Cueto Orbaneja (1735 m). It is an itinerary without technical difficulty with an average physical requirement, through which we will move along a path that runs first through a flattened bottom valley between mountain pastures and scrublands to gradually gain a smooth and comfortable ridge that ends in the summit of Cueto de Orbaneja. On the descent we´ll cross forest patches under the northern slopes of the Cueto Liguardi before going back to the point of departure.

Here starts the mountain bike descent: a pleasant and fully enjoyable 18 kilometers long  ride through mountain meadows and deciduous forests to the small pretty village of Saja.

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