Intertidal safaris

SELLO_COLABORADOR_actividadWe would like to invite you to explore one of the more fascinating areas of the Cantabrian coasts: the rocky area that is cleared with each tide pulse. A universe made of colours and forms with thousands of small secrets to be discovered.

Gustavo Gutierrez, is an expert about everything related to litoral biology. With him as official guide, we carry out day and nighttime 2 to 3 hours tidepool safaris from may to October (both included) taking advantage of the more appropriate tides. This will allow us to observe the marine fauna living in these awesome places.

We have chosen three of the more appropriate places of the Cantabrian coasts for the development of this proposal, located in La Arnía (Liencres), Tagle (Santillana del Mar) and Trasierra (Comillas).

This is a highly gratifying and suitable activity for all age persons.
The use of headlamps and CR insurance are both included with the fare.
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