Castro Valnera: the higuest pasiego mountain

The Castro Valnera (1718 m) is the highest peak  of the “Montañas Pasiegas”; the place where the Pas river starts, and an excellent lookout whose summit ridge divides the province of Burgos south of Cantabria.

It is a mountain perfectly visible from many places in Cantabria: it´s profile is clearly recognizable from the Bay of Santander, with its vertiginous north side facing the nearby Bay of Biscay.

The Castro Valnera has been always considered one of the most classical ascents in the Cantabrian mountain climbing world: the proposed itinerary is one of the normal routes, not a difficult one. We will enjoy a beautiful ascent to the top from where we´ll take pleasure with the stunning views from the mountains and valleys to the sea.

We leave the old ski resort Lunada to reach the Pico La Miel in less than 300 m of positive slope. The view over the high Miera with the valley of Carriedo down below will give way to the so called “grassy channels”: after that we will be ready to face the long and beautiful ridge that gradually will put us at the top of Castro Valnera, the highest mountain from the eastern part of the Cantabrian Mountains to the Pyrenees of Navarra.

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