Fuente Dé-Potes by mountain bike

We propose a very special activity: from Fuente Dé to Potes by bike, starting from one of the most relevant points in the National Park Picos de Europa: Fuente Dé. This is a very enjoyable itinerary with a huge variety of landscapes; the high mountains gives way to the green pastures to reach the bottom of the valley through well-preserved forests. It is an activity that requires little physical effort as it runs entirely downhill, although it´s recommended some experience in the use of the mountain bike.

We will take the first cable car early in the morning:  during three minutes it saves the great wall of Fuente Dé Circus, 800 m of vertical cliffs and breathtaking abyss. Now we are at an altitude of almost 2000 m. Peña Vieja, Peña Olvidada, Horcados Rojos are a few more of the majestic mountains that surrounds us. It´s is in the Horcadina de Covarrobres where the real decline begins to the great and always green Áliva pass. We head all the way down to reach Mogrovejo,  the village where we leave the slopes and trails to a gentle descent by road to Potes, the main village in Liébana.

The bike rental (plus helmet, water bottle and repair kit), transportation and accident insurance are all included in the price.

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