Welcome to Cantabria, a beautiful region located between Asturias and the Basque Country in northern Spain.

Being the second smallest autonomous region in the country with a relatively small size, the extent of natural diversity makes it a real paradise for the enjoyment of the environment.

Cantabrian Way is a small company that is born of love for our land and the experience accumulated over many years of going over its beaches, cliffs, valleys, rivers, forests and mountains, all of which are integrated in a perfect privileged territory for nature lovers and outdoor activities.

The location of the activities have been carefully selected to provide you with a wide variety of what Cantabria has to offer all over the year: we are specialized in everything about hiking, mountain ascents, natural heritage interpretation and mountain and tour biking. Also, we offer a bike rental service with first quality bicycles if you want to ride by yourself. We are qualified mountain guides as well as geographers and environmentalists: that will allow you to enjoy the routes safely and with the added value of knowledge about the natural means by which run the routes. We have designed activities suitable for people of different ages and physical condition, being covered all of them by an accident insurance.

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