Snowshoeing special

Even though the exact origin is not known, we have to look 4000 years back to find the first traces about snowshoe use by nomadic tribes in Central Asia, as a tool for displacement. Snowshoes have been used along the history as a basic element of mobility by the people in areas with snowy climates, especially in North Europe and North America.

In the last few years, snowshoeing has found a lot of adepts as it is an accessible activity to people with different profiles (age, physical capacity): it requires no complex techniques to learn and it´s highly gratifying. Snowshoeing it´s a good way to get into snowy winter landscapes to enjoy the experience of being walking in fresh snow that no one had stepped on before.

In wintertime, Cantabria offers different places to enjoy snowshoe walks: Campóo mountains, Cantabrian Cordillera, Saja and even Picos de Europa. We have designed several itineraries well adapted to different physical and technical levels in which you´ll fully experiment the pleasure of floating over the snow.

We are qualified mountain guides: it´s always necessary to remember that the mountain is a place that requires our full attention and can suddenly become a hazardous place. This creates the need to know the area we are walking through plus the material and progression techniques. That´s why we recommend to contract the services of fully qualified mountain guides to assure the enjoyment of the activity.
We organize snowshoeing walks all winter long!!!!.

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